Mechanical Scales


As for OHAUS TJ2611 Triple Beam balance this model includes the attachment weights which add up the total capacity to 2610g with 0.1 Readability which share the below criteria as the Triple Beam Junior Family.

  • Rugged OHAUS construction stands strong in the most rigorous classrooms
  • Three notched and tiered beams provide ease in reading
  • Positive poise positioning ensure repeatable results
  • Spring loaded zero adjust compensator
  • Magnetic damping minimizes oscillation and speeds weighing
Capacity 610g 2610g
Capacity w/accessory mass set 2610g* -
Readability 0.1g 0.1g
Front beam
Middle beam
Rear beam

10g x 0.1g
500g x 100g
100g x 10g

10g x 0.1g
155g x 100g
100g x 10g
Item # TJ611 TJ2611
* Mass set 707-00 sold separately (for TJ611)


  • High precision and remarkable value
  • Three-point beam eliminates need for level adjustment
  • Quick-zeroing with zero adjust knob
  • Vernier dial convenience on Dial-O-Gram®
Mechanical Family Cent-O-Gram® Dial-O-Gram®
Capacity 311g 310g
Readability 0.01g 0.01g
Tare Capacity - -
Front Beam
Second Beam
Third Beam
Rear Beam

1g x 0.01g
10g x 1g
100g x 10g
200g x 100g

100g x 10g
200g x 100g
10g x 0.01g
Stainless Steel Pan (removable) 3.5 dia. x 0.5 3.5 dia. x 0.5
Platform Dia. x D (in/cm) 8.9 dia. x 0.7 8.9 dia. x 0.7
Item # 311-00 310-00


  • Capacities: 50kg x 100g~500kg x 1kg
  • 300kg & 500kg (come with wheels)


Art No. Total
Beam Graduation Counter-
poise Wts
Platform Area
Front Back
SP1201 50kg 2kg x 20gm 2kg x 20gm 7pcs 400 x 300mm
SP1200 100kg 5kg x 50gm 5kg x 50gm 5pcs 400 x 300mm
SP1202 300kg 25 x 1/5
or 1/10kg
25 x 1/5
or 1/10kg
5pcs 610 x 420mm
SP903 1200lb & 500kg 50 x 1/2lb 25 x 1/5
or 1/10kg
7 & 6pcs 640 x 600mm
SP1203 500kg 25 x 1/5
or 1/10kg
25 x 1/5
or 1/10kg
6 pcs 640 x 600mm
SP904 2300lb & 1000kg 100 x 1/2lb 50 x 1/2kg 7 & 8pcs 750 x 745mm
SP1204 1000kg 50 x 1/2kg 50 x 1/2kg 8pcs 750 x 745mm
SP1205 2000kg 50 x 1/2kg 50 x 1/2kg - 1016 x 1116mm

Harvard Junior Mechanical Balance

  • Unique OHAUS design offers increased durability and superior accuracy employing a precision engineered metal beam for years of maintenance-free classroom use
  • Dual style, interchangeable pans allow for a broader range of objects to be weighed including a flat pan similar to the OHAUS Harvard Trip and a bowl-type pan for use in weighing round objects
  • Stackable on either platform to maximize storage space when not in use
  • A built-in transportation/storage lock helps to protect the longevity of the Harvard Junior by eliminating oscillation and preventing unnecessary wear when the balance is being delivered to your classroom or while stored during non-use
  • Includes a free teacher developed, standards-based activity guide with background information and assessments
Model HJ2001
Capacity 2000g
Readability 0.5g
Mass Set Included, 8pc Metal, 370g


  • Robust
  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • Portable
  • Low Cost
  • Easy to Read
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Capacities from 5 kg - 300kg


  • Steel or stainless steel housing
  • For all applications
  • Capacities from 200g ~ 150kg
  • Round pan and flat platter are available