Counting Scales


  • 20 keys embossed membrane keyboard
  • Quantity checking alarm and checking weighing, auto unit weight update
Platter Size
230 x 300mm
Operating Temperature
0ºC ~ 40ºC
Power Source
AC Adaptor (9V/800mA)
Rechargeable Battery (6V/4Ah)
Model HCT-3 HCT-6 HCT-15 HCT-30 HCT-6 plus
Display 20mm LCD display, with white colour LED backlight
Capacity 3kg x 0.1g 6kg x 0.2g 15kg x 0.5g 30kg x 1g 6kg x 0.1g
Gross Weight 5.5kg

Ranger  Count 2000

  • 30 item library function (stores 12-digit part numbers, average piece weights, checkcounting or checkweighing parameters, tare weights and accumulated weights or counts
  • Stable and accurate results within one second
  • 3-Window Liquid Crystal Display (LCD ) with Backlight
  • AC Power (Included) or Rechargeable Battery (Included)
  • Easy Access RS232 Communication Port
  • ABS Housing, ABS Platform with Stainless Steel Inset
  • 210 hours of battery life
Model RC21P1502
RC21P15 RC21P30
Capacity 1.5kg 3kg 6kg 15kg 30kg
Readability 0.05g 0.1g 0.2g 0.5g 1g
Platform Size 225 mm x 300 mm 225 mm x 300 mm 225 mm x 300 mm 225 mm x 300 mm 225 mm x 300 mm