Bench Scales

BPA121 is built to withstand wet and harsh conditions. Scale surface is smooth and designed for easy and fast cleaning procedures. Standard configuration includes a power adaptor and lead-acid rechargeable battery. The lightweight and portable plastic housing makes the scale easy to carry.


    • Fast, durable & reliable
    • Easy to clean
    • Flexible power supply
    • Convenient to carry
    • Ingress protection IP68
Model BPA121
Capacity (max)
1.5kg 3kg 7.5kg 15kg 30kg
Readability (d) 0.2g 0.5g 1g 2g 5g
Maximum Resolutions 1/7500
Display 6 digits 7 segments 14mm height red LED; with dual display (front and rear)
Unit of measurements kg, g, lb (default by g)
Function Zero and Tare
Platter Size 182 x 226mm
Power Adaptor 9V / 600mA; 6V / 5Ah lead acid rechargeable battery
Ingress Protection 6-digit, 7-segment, LED (14 x 8.6 mm), dual display
Scale dimensions (W x D x H) 230 x 300 x 133 (mm)

Valor 2000

  • With less than half a second stabilization time
  • Knife resistant polycarbonate keypad
  • Flow--thru design ensures the scale remains clean and operational
  • NEMA 4 / IPX8 Washdown Protection
  • 1:6,000 or 1:7,500 maximum displayed resolution
  • ABS plastic / Stainless steel housing, dishwasher-safe removable stainless steel pan
  • 7 segment, 6 digital / 20.5 mm high red LED, dual display
  • Internal rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery with 50 hours continuous use
Model V22PWE1501T
Capacity (max) x Readability
1.5 kg x 0.0002 kg
1500 g x 0.2 g
3 kg x 0.0005 kg
3000 g x 0.5 g
6 kg x 0.001 kg
6000 g x 1 g
15 kg x 0.002 kg
15000 g x 2 g
30 kg x 0.005kg
30000 g x 5 g
Weighing Applications V22PW: Weighing
Weighing Units g, kg
Display Indicators Stability, center of zero, net, battery status
Construction V22PW: Stainless steel platform, ABS housing
Platform Size 190 x 242 mm
Shipping Dimensions
(W x D x H)
V22PW: 280 x 256 x 121 mm

Ranger 2000

  • Red LED Display
  • AC Power (Included) or Rechargeable Battery (Included)
  • Easy Access RS232 Communication Port
  • ABS Housing, ABS Platform with Stainless Steel Inset
  • 110 hours of battery life
  • 3 LED (yellow, green, red) checkweighing lights with selectable operation and audible signal settings
  • Transportation handle
Model R21PE1502
R21PE15 R21PE30
Capacity 1.5kg 3kg 6kg 15kg 30kg
Readability 0.05g 0.1g 0.2g 0.5g 1g
Platform Size 225 mm x 300 mm 225 mm x 300 mm 225 mm x 300 mm 225 mm x 300 mm 225 mm x 300 mm


  • Suitable for Damp Environment
  • High Speed
  • Double-sided display
  • High brightness LED display
Platter size:
245(W) x 198.5(D)mm
Power Source
AC 240/230/220V, 117/100V
or Rechargeable Battery
1.5kg x 0.2g, 3kg x 0.5g,
6kg x 1g, 15kg x 2g, 30kg x 5g


  • Function include check weighing, counting, percentage, accumulation and weighing unit conversion
  • Check weighing function (user can set hi/low limit for weighing, counting and percentage)
  • Battery provide up to 90 hours of continuous use
Platter Size
230 x 300mm
Operating Temperature
0ºC ~ 40ºC
Power Source
AC Adaptor (9V/800mA)
Rechargeable Battery (6V/4Ah)
Model HWT-3 HWT-6 HWT-15 HWT-30 HWT-30 plus
Display 24mm LCD display, with white colour LED backlight
Capacity 3kg x 0.1g 6kg x 0.2g 15kg x 0.5g 30kg x 1g 30kg x 0.5g
Gross Weight 5.5kg


  • 25mm LCD display , with white colour LED backlight
  • AC adaptor ( 9V/800mA ) / Rechargeable battery ( 6V/4Ah )
  • Selectable weighing unit (kg/lb)
  • Standard stainless steel pan
Model T28-3 T28-6 T28-15 T28-25
Displayed 25mm LCD display , with white colour LED backlight
Operation Temp 0° C ~ 40° C
Capacity 3kg x 0.5g 6kg x 1g 15kg x 2g 25kg x 5g
Platter Size 230mm x 190mm
Power Source AC adaptor ( 9V/800mA ) , Rechargeable battery ( 6V/4Ah )
Gross Weight 3.5kg


  • Up to 1/5,000 display resolution
  • Kilogram ( kg ) , gram ( g ) , pound ( lb ) and ounce ( oz ) weighing modes
  • Net / Gross indication ; Hold function ; Simple Counting
Platter Size
198 x 176mm
Operating Temperature
0ºC ~ 40ºC
Power Source
Adaptor DC9V + 4 x C Size 1.5V dry batteries
( not included )
WBS-2.5 WBS-5 WBS-10 WBS-15
2.5kg x 0.5g 5kg x 1g 10kg x 2g 15kg x 5g